MYSIRFOX announces the coming launch of Indiegogo project: Save ISLENSKA to save the Icelandic language

February 06 17:06 2018
The Save ÍSLENSKA campaign provides an opportunity for everyone to take part in the effort to save a language from extinction

Iceland – MYSIRFOX is proud to announce the coming launch of their Indiegogo campaign called “Save ÍSLENSKA.” The project is about saving the Icelandic language from extinction, through the production of high-quality, beginner-level, learning materials. The focus of the Save ÍSLANSKA project is to produce flashcards with colorful and engaging illustration, simple pronunciation for English speakers, and materials suitable for everyone, from the age of 4 to 100 plus. The Indiegogo campaign will offer everyone the opportunity to take part in saving the Icelandic language, get rewards, and purchase the flashcards at a discounted price.

“My husband and I started Save ÍSLANSKA to help save the Icelandic language that has been in existence for over a thousand year. Modern technology and lifestyle have contributed to less number of people speaking the language. We want to reverse this and save the heritage of an entire people through our Save ÍSLENSKA project. We invite everyone to join us in this noble cause, as we prepare to launch the Indiegogo campaign soon,” said Nuchjarin Punnapoptaworn, of MYSIRFOX.

The Icelandic language is a beautiful language that developed from the Old Norse language. It was spoken by the Vikings and is known as the language that was used to write down the history of Iceland, known as the Sagas of Icelanders. This literary work became the foundation of the Icelandic language and contained most of the history of the people.

Using flashcards for learning language is fun, exciting, and engaging. The Save ÍSLENSKA project offer Icelandic alphabet flashcards with beautiful images, illustration, and descriptions. There is no grammar required, and the cards are 9.1 cm by 1.3 cm, making it easy to handle and even learn on the go.

Indiegogo Project

Once launched, the Indiegogo project will afford many the opportunity to take part in this campaign. There are several reward levels available depending on the level of contribution. Participants will also save a lot of money, due to the discount prices available to them. Every participant will have the opportunity to do something to protect the Icelandic language and bring an end to the factors that are causing its extinction.


MYSIRFOX is the company responsible for initiating and propagating the Save ÍSLENSKA project. The purpose of the program is to make use of fun and exciting way to help people learn the Icelandic language and prevent it from going extinct.

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