Recruit and Retain Millennial Talent With a Magnetic Company Culture

October 31 23:51 2017
Brett Trapp, a former vice president of Booster Enterprises appeared recently on The Road Ahead show, hosted by Jared Nichols. He shared insights gained working within an almost exclusively Millennial age company of 500 employees.

Washington D.C. – October 31, 2017 – Millennial age employees, seemingly more than Gen-Xers before them, have a reputation for being entitled, difficult to manage and even harder to retain. And according to Brett Trapp, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

“To me, it all comes back to company culture. That may be the key thing to attracting and retaining Millennial workers.” Trapp says that the volume of social media and blog posts decrying the lazy, entitled Millennial generation doesn’t jibe at all with his own experience of nearly 12 years at Booster.

“We never dealt with or fought with people defecting or leaving after one year for greener pastures—because we were the greener pasture. And that goes back to leadership,” he added. “I think from a Millennial perspective it comes down to ‘am I valued, am I trusted.’ I think if you have Millennials who are unresponsive or seemingly checked-out or disengaged, I think that is a leadership problem.”

As he started with Booster in 2005 when the company was a three-person startup, Trapp says he witnessed hundreds of Millennials join the company and build long-term careers there.

“My perspective was, as their manager, their engagement is on me. If my team is disengaged or not all there, it is a leadership problem. It is my job to create a narrative and create a vision that is compelling to them,” he says.

By focusing on creating a compelling and emotionally engaging vision for Millennial employees, and their role within that vision, Trapp believes managers and employers will see a totally different Millennial employee ‘show up’ than the stereotypical one.

Trapp was interviewed for The Road Ahead, a popular weekly podcast for small business owners, hosted and produced by Jared Nichols in partnership with the National Small Business Association. He is the former Executive Vice President of Client Experience for Booster Enterprises. Booster’s primary offering is the Boosterthon Fun Run, the preferred fitness fundraiser for America’s top schools. Boosterthon’s 500+ team members, fully 90% of which Trapp estimates to be Millennials, help raise more than $40 million dollars for education each year through Boosterthon events.

The NSBA, one of the oldest national business associations in America, celebrating its 80th anniversary as the voice of small business in Washington D.C. The weekly podcast is hosted and produced by Jared Nichols. The Road Ahead show caters to a growing audience of thousands of entrepreneurs from across the country, with its unique focus on issues affecting small business owners.

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