Shanghai Daily launches new website and app, SHINE, to bring Shanghai and China to the world

October 31 19:58 2017
Shanghai Daily is one of the leading newspapers in China, and the most significant English language media outlet owned by Shanghai United Media Group. It has been providing readers with breaking news, insightful analysis, and the opinions of experts from all walks of life since 1999.

SHINE is a brand-new, online platform recently introduced by Shanghai Daily to provide readers with a fresh, modern way of reading the news. This new star in the family is a website and a mobile application, offering breaking news and insightful articles about Shanghai and China, all just a click away.

SHINE signifies Shanghai Daily’s transformation from a traditional newspaper to a digital outlet. Users can turn to SHINE for the latest news feeds on society, people, fashion, politics, food, culture, and more. Original documentaries and other videos are also available for those looking to keep up-to-date on the go.

A large, comprehensive headline picture appears on the site and a user-friendly scroll design helps readers browse quickly and consume more news with less clicking. Those who prefer to read their news on the SHINE app can do so by swiping and clicking on the desired categories displayed.


They can also share stories that might be relevant to their friends and other networks on a variety of different social networking sites. The app can be easily downloaded from the Apple App store or any other major Android app store for free. Moreover, SHINE is present on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WeChat.

The traditional audience who might not be comfortable jumping right into the digital deep-end hasn’t been forgotten, however — Shanghai Daily will still be published every single day, just as always.

Shanghai news makes up a major part of the printed newspaper as well as SHINE. The readers can learn the latest happenings around the city, including updates and news regarding fashion and lifestyle, relevant information about political matters, social issues, the field of entertainment, sports and other interesting articles. Expats, visiting tourists, and those interested in the city value this source of information on Shanghai and its surrounding areas, direct from the source.

Shanghai daily, as well as SHINE, aim to reach out to the readers with informative articles about China, too. They both cover a large section of China news from many aspects, be it political viewpoints, or entertainment news, lifestyle, food, or the latest trends.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, SHINE’s largest audience share to date comes from the USA, with a staggering 45% of online and app users coming from across the Pacific Ocean.

About Shanghai Daily:

Shanghai Daily is the first local English language newspaper published in Chinese mainland. It is the primary source of information related to recent governmental policies, economic and social issues, political uproars, art and cultural news, sports and entertainment. SHINE is the latest form of a vast, modern angle of news with a fresh perspective, helping its audience to embrace digital news and all it has to offer.

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