Cold Walls set to premier on November 16 2017

October 30 10:12 2017
A Sci-Fi / Post-Apocalyptic TV series written and directed by Seattle independent filmmaker Myra Dietzel, Cold Walls is scheduled to premiere at the Crest Theater on November 16 2017.

Producer, director, writer and actor Myra Dietzel is set to make dramatic history, as her latest work, the sci-fi psychological thriller Cold Walls, will premeir on the 16th of November 2017 at the Crest Theatre. Myra Dietzel is known in the Seattle independent film scene for her creativity and unrelenting drive.

The latest work from Myra Dietzel features a talented variety of experienced actors and up-and-comers, with viewers set to be treated to the best of psychological science fiction. Directed and written by Myra Dietzel (who also appears in the show), the TV show features StaggerLee Cole, Gwen Madill, Vince Brady, David Ledingham, and Meredith Binder amongst others.

The plot centers on a dystopia founded after the apocalypse.  Society is still recovering from the end of the world and is desperate to regain what it has lost.  As part of the rebuilding efforts, the new order has imposed harsh measures to prevent the social ills they believe led to the downfall of their predecessors.

Unfortunately, the use of incomplete information from the past has led them to scapegoat those who are regarded as having a “different mindset”, that is, anyone with traceable mental health issues. The identification of such individuals has been followed by their segregation, with the excuse of ensuring public safety. However, there is a fly in the ointment: one lone psychopath decides to cheat the system, sacrificing someone close to him in the process.  Years later, having realized what he did was wrong, he seeks to redeem himself, save the person he condemned to a living hell, and prove the new order wrong.

Cold Walls not only brings a new twist into the world of science fiction thrillers with a unique storyline and delivery, it also stands out in its cast and crew: with over 70 percent of the stakeholders being women, it is part of a continuing trend towards a greater participation in film and entertainment by female creatives.  As part of the celebration of the Seattle film scene’s support of female filmmakers, members of the cast and crew attended #GeekGirlCon on October 1st and the reception from fans was overwhelming.

The premier of Cold Walls is set to begin at 7:00pm at the Crest Theater. Those interested can be a part of the red carpet premier and be among the first to see the pilot episode before its global release. Early birds also get the chance to win a special prize from the Cold Walls Raffle.

Cold Walls will be featured on digital and traditional media after its release.

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